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Reusability and exchangeability of testing processes by OTX

ServiceXpert advises well-known vehicle manufacturer

Hamburg, 01.03. 2013

An efficient vehicle diagnostics starts with the vehicle development and extends generally to after-sales service. Reusability and exchangeability of information about testing and fault-search processes play a leading role. Right now, specification of testing sequences, testing processes, fault-search strategies and start-up procedures are specified as flowcharts (Visio-Charts), subsequently they will be implemented in the special notation of the respective target system. Reusability and exchange between departments or between producers and suppliers are almost impossible.

The new standard OTX, Open Test sequence eXchange (ISO 13209) should find a remedy. With OTX a specification and programming language in XML notation is available that demonstrates great versatility: Equally tailored to the requirements from vehicle diagnostics communication, interfacing with measuring instruments, and user interaction, it supports the development of testing sequences for workshop as well as for communication routines in a vehicle interface as a substitute for ODX Java tasks. Special constructs support the creation of separate modules and the dealing with the diversity of variants. Copying and converting from graphic specifications into a coded implementation is no longer necessary.

That versatility can only be used completely with appropriate and efficient OTX editors. Several well-known manufacturers of diagnostics systems are under consideration about that topic. Depending on the manufacturer’s previous main emphasis, either development or after sales, the tool-abilities are pronounced differently. That is why the choice of the right tool depends to a large degree on the scenario of use that is planned for OTX.

The consultants of the ServiceXpert diagnostics-centre DiC accompany their customers of commercial vehicle and automotive area on realization of diagnostic strategies, on development and introduction of diagnostic solutions and on sketching the surrounding IT processes and system structures. For some time, support for introduction of OTX also belongs to that. In 2012 the DiC evaluated different diagnostics tools for a premium vehicle manufacturer and analysed them for their suitability for its OTX introduction plans. The introduction-supporting and the development of use and expansion guidelines for OTX with regard to the company-wide reuse of processes, were also took over by the experts of the diagnostics-centre.

Even since the nineties ServiceXpert occupies with diagnostics of technical systems. Apart from projects for well-known forklift truck producers and the development of an own diagnostic system DiaMon the ServiceXpert diagnostics team collected a lot of experiences in military and civil diagnostics-projects. At the Hamburg Diagnostics Centre DiC ServiceXpert combines that experiences and the know-how and supports well-known automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers as well as the ESG Group in different diagnostics projects as a Centre of Competence.

ServiceXpert, a company of the ESG Group, employs over 85 staff in Hamburg and Munich. ServiceXpert is a Europe-wide operating system and software house, having a focused service portfolio for the lifecycle management of EE information for leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles as well as the supplier industry.

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