Checklist for security aspects of remote diagnostics
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Checklist for security aspects of remote diagnostics

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Hamburg, 03.03. 2017

The vehicle of the future will no longer need be driven to the mechanic's workshop so often for diagnostic purposes, as all relevant information will be available via the internet. This raises further questions: Should these data be available, for example, permanently in the cloud or only provided by the vehicle via a network connection on request, when needed? From a purely functional point of view, it makes no difference. The tasks will shift between onboard, off-board and remote diagnostics, whereby remote diagnostics will gain increasingly more importance.

ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssystem mbH has developed a checklist for the secure remote diagnostics of a vehicle as part of the R & D activities of the ESG Group. Existing methods and techniques are adapted to the requirements of the diagnostic process. It should be borne in mind that the implementation of the remote diagnosis and, in part, the operation of remote diagnosis could be outsourced to third parties. The focus is on the potential dangers arising from this situation, and on the processes that lead to more security in this environment.

With the topic of security there are different levels to consider. On the one hand there is the level of technical methods and the system architecture, with which data with a higher security level can be saved and sent. On the other hand, it is important to consider the processes involved in the development and operation of the vehicles. This does not stop at the physical limits of the vehicle as its interfaces in the "Internet of Things" must also be taken into account.

The vehicle of the future is becoming an element in a larger network of interconnected systems. As a result, weak points in the data streams and the system communication must be detected and corrected as early as possible. Limiting the network is not a solution because the advantages resulting from networking are too great and ultimately a clear competitive advantage.

The checklist created summarises the most important aspects. In this case, security is conceived as a cross-sectional issue, which penetrates the entire organisation of OEMs. A close co-operation between after-sales, development, the IT sector and suppliers of third party components is therefore necessary.

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