Display 3D-Models without plugin
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Display 3D-Models without plugin

Optimized use of 3D models by utilizing the internal browser capabilities with HTML5

Munich, 08.08. 2016

The trend in after-sales applications to employ 3D models that can be taken directly from the CAD systems instead of static 2D images, has come about in recent years. Users want to be able to display the 3D models to turn, enlarge and reduce them. But the use of these 3D models should not be limited just to the desktop computer, rather there is increasing demand on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Because of this user demand plug-ins cannot be used to display the 3D models. This technology is obsolete and will no longer be supported by the browsers in the long term.

In the future, innovative software solutions will have to be used which are implemented exclusively with native and standardized browser functionality and which can run on a variety of browsers and their platforms.

ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH is developing and operating a variety of customer applications and various after-sales applications that display 3D models by means of plugins. ServiceXpert is always exploring new technology trends and their applicability for their clients and projects in the context of R & D activities. The ServiceXpert engineers have developed a technology solution, with Extensible 3D (X3D) whereby files can be displayed. ServiceXpert’s solution runs on all browsers without any plugin being required and has all the standard features such as rotate, zoom and highlighting certain parts of the 3D model. The technology solution has already aroused great interest among existing customers and is currently being used in a pilot project.

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