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CAN-Ethernet Gateway Based on an Arduino Due

ServiceXpert expands competences

Munich, 29.02. 2016

With the increased number of sensors and ever more complex vehicle functions, the necessary data rates in a vehicle are rising proportionally. This tendency is especially noticeable in the fields of driver assistance systems, infotainment and diagnostics. The established CAN bus (Controller Area Network) with its High Speed CAN (1Mb / s) is reaching its limits.

The result of this development will, sooner or later, be an extension of the vehicle network to ethernet-enabled components. The first vehicles are already equipped with this technology.

In order to expand their expertise in this field, the engineers at ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH have, within the framework of an ESG Group R&D support programme, developed a bidirectional CAN-ethernet gateway based on an Arduino Due board. A prerequisite for this was the analysis of the ethernet stack and its packet structure. The various available protocols in the ethernet were also looked at.

The resultant gateway is able to convert CAN messages to ethernet packets and send them to other network subscribers. It can also convert received ethernet packets into CAN messages and forward them accordingly. Due to different packet size and the data included the ServiceXpert engineers had to develop suitable algorithms for dividing and summarising data. Here, the transmission times and required cycle times of messages play a major role.

By means of widely used development tools, the peripheral gateway was simulated and the functionality of the implementation tested. In order to test the transmission of data in video and image formats together with the simulated CAN bus via ethernet to another control device, the gateway is currently being expanded to include a camera component. With this, various aspects such as transmission stability and transmission times will be analysed. The knowledge gained from the internal research project can help both suppliers in the ethernet migration of a CAN control unit, as well as OEMs in the definition and integration their system network.

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