DiaMon 3.8.0 – Servicing System
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DiaMon 3.8.0 – Servicing System

Web services function extension

Hamburg, 11.08. 2017

In order to implement the tasks of the service technician in accordance with requirements, various tools are usually available for the different application areas; manuals, diagnostics, parameterisation, circuit diagrams and spare parts. While stand-alone solutions are becoming less important for individual tasks, the networking of the individual applications is gaining more and more relevance. This makes the applications in the area of service more and more complex and multifaceted. This means that, for example, the spare parts catalog is linked with documentation and diagnostics with labour values. It is important then that as much information and data is provided by an application in order to be able to process and use it in another application.

ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH offers its own diagnostic system, DiaMon, which has been continually developed and adapted to current requirements since the company was founded. Against this background, the operation system of our diagnostic system, DiaMon, has offered a web interface since the latest release 3.8.0. The new web interface with a browser-based thin client can be used as an alternative or as a supplement to the classic fat client. This results in new application possibilities such as remote diagnostics and the cooperative diagnostics between service technicians and help-desk employees.

With the conception of the new web interface, the ServiceXpert engineers at DiC, the company's own diagnostic centre, made sure that the solution was independent of the web servers and browsers used. An inexpensive open-source solution or a license-based solution is connected as requested by the customer. Customer specific functions, e.g. caching mechanisms for enquiries or requests to update the browser, can be integrated as an extension of the web server.

Device information, such as installed components or fault memory, is made available via the web server by means of web services. The addition of further web services is also possible, depending on the customer's wishes, in order to provide certain information separately and in the desired format. In this way, specific information for various applications, such as fleet management or spare parts procurement, can be queried by the service technician.

With the so-called cooperative diagnostics is an operational scenario in which help desk staff can connect to a technician’s existing diagnostic session on the device and directly support the work. This implementation of the cooperative diagnostics is, in ServiceXpert's experience, an ever more frequent customer request, which is now taken into account with the current DiaMon release. This latest function extension of the DiaMon operation system takes into account different languages as well as different levels of the users in a cooperative scenario. The simultaneous use and parallel access of several users to various functions of the diagnostic system and to different device information are also possible without restriction. A special synchronisation mode is available if parallel access to the device can not be or should not be permitted for device-related, process-related or safety-related reasons. The new features allow the problem-solving process to be better handled by the help-desk staff and thus be processed more quickly. This contributes significantly to customer satisfaction and cost reduction in the service sector.

With the current DiaMon release 3.8.0 the customer-specific requirements for modern diagnostics are fulfilled. The advantages of this solution lie, above all, in a location-independent diagnostics usability and in a simple integration of diagnostic functions and information into a customer's overall service tool world.

Even since the 1990s ServiceXpert has been involved in diagnostics of technical systems. Apart from projects for well-known forklift truck producers and the development of it’s own diagnostic system “DiaMon" the ServiceXpert diagnostics team has amassed a lot of experience in military and civil diagnostics-projects. At the Hamburg Diagnostics Centre DiC, ServiceXpert combines that experience and know-how to support well-known automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers, as well as the ESG Group, in different diagnostics projects as a Centre of Competence.

ServiceXpert, an ESG-Group company, employs over 85 staff in Hamburg and Munich. ServiceXpert is a Europe-wide operating system and software house with a focused service portfolio for Lifecycle management of EE information for leading manufacturers of commercial vehicle and their supplier industry.

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