System engineering and system integration

Software is increasingly becoming a strategic product component for manufacturers in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. In addition to the rising propotion of electrical and electronic components, the development focus has moved towards the distribution of functions between these components in vehicles. Domain-specific architectures and function-oriented software design are key and indispensable from the start. 

Both the classic and the innovative functions that come about due to new networks are implemented using software. The electronic and software system for a vehicle has a very complex design because the requirements of the various life cycle processes are extensive and very different.

With our domain and market specific know how and our long lasting expertise of embedded engineering in the automotive and commercial vehicle market, we provide coherent service offerings from system design to integration and test of electronic systems and functions.


  • System design
    System design includes integrating all technical parameters as well as ensuring that all physical, functional and technical interfaces are compatible. The aim is to design a system that meets the specified requirements.

    • System design and optimisation of specifications
    • Architectural design
    • Bus communication and network management
    • Rapid prototyping and modelling

  • Software development
    Software development focuses on depicting the functional system architecture in a specific software system. It includes all of the programs and data that are processed in the distributed, process-controlled system of the vehicle.

    • Functional architectures
    • Modelling and simulation
    • Code generation, coding and diagnostics

  • Integration and test
    System integration is an essential part of the development process according to the V model. Requested and realised functions are aligned here. Integration concepts and detailed test schedules have to be created for integration on the different system levels (components, sub-systems, complete system). The basis for a successful verification of the functions is the development and realisation of test strategies for assuring vehicle functions and system variants.

    • Integration concepts
    • Integration planning
    • Test strategies and test case definition
    • Planning and performing tests and documentation
    • Test automation