Automotive and suppliers
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Automotive and suppliers

The ESG-Group has been a partner for automobile manufacturers and their suppliers for more than 20 years. As the group's Center of Competence for vehicle diagnostics ServiceXpert is gaining well-grounded automotive experience for more than a decade. ServiceXpert contrives to analyse the branches requirements and processes in order to adapt these for commercial vehicle manufacturers (on-road, non-road).

Establishing an independent business line „Automotive and Suppliers”, ServiceXpert offers its business activities to leading OEMs and their supplier industry. Thereby ServiceXpert focuses on Systems Engineering EE and supports its customers from system design to integration, simulation and testing the systems.

The system and software house benefits from its profound electronic development know-how from the commercial vehicles area and utilises synergies for automotive industry due to common requirements and general conditions.

Common requirements and general conditions are:

  • Legal requirements RMI Euro 5/6 (automotive) equal to RMI Euro-VI (commercial vehicles)
  • Change to function oriented development
  • Use of model-based development technologies
  • Utilization of diagnostic standards (UDS, ODX, OTX, MVCI)
  • Domain-oriented standard architectures
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