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Business segments

At present, the OEM of automobile and commercial vehicles on-road (trucks and trailers) and non-road (forklift trucks, construction machinery and agricultural technology) as well as their suppliers are facing new challenges which are strongly influenced by technical and economical trends. 

Furthermore, commercial vehicle manufacturers (Euro-VI, RMI) are confronted with the same legal requirements as automobile OEMs (Euro 5/6, RMI).


Shift in the value added chain (forward integration)

  • Mastery of the logistics chain and integration in the processes of transport customers
  • Assumption of responsibility for fleets (selection, configuration, financing, fleet management, etc.)


  • Market strategy
  • Relocation of production
  • Comprehensive view

From product to solutions business

  • Formation of project planning departments
  • Demand for new, non-traditional expertise profiles
  • Reorientation of marketing/sales

Reduction in the degree of internal value added

  • Further modularisation and interchangeable part approaches
  • Strong reduction of production depth in production/development
  • Transfer of responsibility to selected suppliers

Multibrand service

  • Formation of group-parts centres ("integration" of pirates)
  • Equipping and training service technicians

Our solutions support our customers in following these trends so they can occupy leading market positions.

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