Servicexpert - Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH

Mission statement


As an Europe-wide operating system and software house we focus on service offerings for the lifecycle management of electric/electronic information for the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles on-road (trucks and trailers) and non-road (forklift trucks, construction equipment and agricultural technology) as well as for the automotive and supplier industry.


With our process and system-oriented approach, we create value for our customers with innovative services and system solutions, based on profound experience and tested expertise in selected product development and life cycle processes. Increased domain know-how, specialized system and software competence and a high degree of flexibility is the basis for our success. 

Guiding principles


 We maintain long-term value partnerships with our customers and make a sustainable contribution to their success.


 Through the reciprocal technology transfer between military and civil projects in the ESG Group, we are expanding our service and innovation capability. Additional added value is achieved through our internal networks and service chains as well as through external partners in the service partnership.


 Innovation and quality have been the traditional, binding cornerstones in the development of leading technologies for decades, and our work makes these serviceable for our customers.


 Our common success is guaranteed by the will to perform, team capability and readiness to take on responsibility.


 We regard company management as a service. This creates the prerequisites for the future security of our company and creates a balance between the interests of our customers, employees and shareholders.


 Openness, mutual support and enjoyment of our work and joy in our common success define our corporate culture. This enables us to fully develop our capabilities.

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