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Evaluation of an open source ODX parser

29.10. 2019

The standard ODX (Open Diagnostic Data Exchange) was defined for the uniform description of vehicle diagnostics. This enabled standardized data exchange between vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. Reading and evaluating ODX documents provided by customers or suppliers is also increasingly relevant for "small diagnostic systems" that previously have not had to deal directly with ODX. The implementation of an ODX parser is an essential step to remain competitive in the market of the established automotive diagnostic systems. This should be based on an existing cost-efficient solution if possible.

As part of an internal R&D project, the engineers at ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH carried out an evaluation and assessment of the ODX parser "ODX-Lib", which was provided as an open source project, in order to evaluate its usability for these diagnostic systems. The library has the necessary range of functions and ensures easy integration into an existing diagnostic system. In the event of an expansion of the "ODX-Lib", the research revealed that the license has now been tightened and thus the fact that own source code adjustments to the library preclude the provision as a component of a diagnostic solution.

Based on the "ODX-Lib", a prototype was developed in the Java programming language, which made it possible to evaluate the capabilities and manageability of the library in handling ODX documents based on real ODX projects. In test runs with different ODX projects by two ServiceXpert customers with different scopes, it was shown that the prototype can handle heterogeneous authoring guidelines and that the "ODX-Lib" for the use of the ODX projects serves its purpose.

Overall, the evaluation based on the criteria examined and the experience gained during the development of the prototype led to the result that the "ODX-Lib" can be regarded as an cost-efficient and worthwhile option for evaluating ODX documents and existing diagnostic solutions for the ODX- Extend functionality.

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