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Evaluation of an error catcher

to investigate sporadic application errors in the field using the open source BugTrap library

15.12. 2017

Through the use of an error capture component, a developer is able to reproduce the exact state (call stack, addresses) of an application in which the error or crash occurred, by evaluating so-called "crash dumps". Within the scope of an internal ESG Group R & D project, such an error catcher was integrated into an application and its function was investigated.

After incorporating the BugTrap component, the ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH engineers were able to obtain a clear added value for the analysis of run-time errors and improve the code quality through the additional insights gained from the information obtained. The integration is made very simple and fast by a few adjustments to previous projects. Due to the successful and high coverage of the recognised and prioritised types of errors, a satisfactory result could be achieved. The subsequent steps to improve the source code have been simplified based on the experience gained. The log and dump files created during error detection provide a wide range of information that greatly simplifies and speeds up error analysis and troubleshooting.

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