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Google Analytics for online and offline applications

Nowadays, professional analysis tools for the many companies that develop or operate web sites or web applications, are widespread.

Munich, 22.09. 2015

These useful analysis tools can already easily measure interactions with a website and generate standard reports using the information obtained. The data thus collected is used on the one hand to improve functionality and on the other hand in the detailed adaptation of the process steps to customer behaviour. Google Analytics, the tool from the North American company Google Inc. is still widely used.

Standard reports include, amongst other things, information on

·     Visitor numbers

·     New and returning visitors

·     Page-views per visitor

·     Visit duration

·     Bounce rates

·     Entry and exit pages

·     Traffic sources.

Analysis tools therefore allow a real-time tracking of the number of users and the actions of users on the analysed web pages and web applications.

ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssystem mbH looks after its customers’ different service applications, which are often based on the web as well as offline, and has already acquired extensive expertise with the use of analysis tools. As part of the ESG Group, the company has also invested in R&D of specific potential uses of Google Analytics for additional customer projects.

Last year the company was able to supply a client with various web-based service applications with Google Analytics. Starting initially with just a consultancy role, the client commissioned ServiceXpert with the development a detailed concept and subsequent integration of analysis tools in the web application, based on existing experiences of website tracking. Following this, the data gathered has been used to optimise targeted applications. Furthermore, by tracking in real-time there is always a current overview of the number of users and of user activity available.

Besides the analysis of the user behaviour in the web-based applications there is also great need for this data in service applications, which do not automatically or always have an internet connection available. Classical applications for this are, for example, service applications for on-site repairs at the end user. The tracking of these offline-based applications through the use of Google Analytics was also evaluated comprehensively by ServiceXpert.

In the case of offline applications no direct connection to the Google Analytics server is established and the tracking data cannot be transmitted in real-time so the data must be collected in a temporary data file, in order send to the Google Analytics server later, when an internet connection exists. ServiceXpert has integrated such a solution in the offline-based service applications for a client.

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