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Independent testing partner for Daimler AG

Once again, ServiceXpert takes over the automatic testing period

Munich, 15.07. 2013

Daimler AG is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world. To support the customer’s vehicle configuration the Daimler AG offers the so-called Global Ordering System to its dealership network.

For now five years ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH assists Daimler AG as an independent testing partner and interface between OEM and service provider. The ServiceXpert engineers are responsible for assuring the new software release of the Global Ordering System by tool-assisted recording of repeatable, automated test cases during the testing period.  

For the realization of this task every two years nearly 500 automated test cases will be recorded. In preparation for a new software release these test cases will be proven by the ServiceXpert test engineers during the acceptance phase which takes place three times a year. The resulting error protocol will be documented and analysed. Based on these results of that two-week testing period the functional acceptance of the new software release will be done by Daimler AG.

In the field of system development IT, ServiceXpert has long-standing experience and competences. In addition to technological, process and system consulting, ServiceXpert offers to their clients project planning and implementation from the conception to the prototype. Implementations using solution modules as well as integration and testing of the solutions up to lifecycle support complete the service portfolio

ServiceXpert, a company of the ESG group, employs over 85 staff in Hamburg and Munich. ServiceXpert is an Europe-wide operating system and software house with a focussed service portfolio for Lifecycle management of EE information for leading manufacturers of commercial vehicle and their supplier industry.

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