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Premium parking for trucks: Find parking space stress-free and conveniently reserve online

Hanser OEM Supplier 2019

27.09. 2019

Freight traffic on Europe's roads is continuously increasing. The consequence is that the demand for truck parking spaces in the transit country Germany is increasing by leaps and bounds. This growing demand for parking spaces is not being met quickly enough, despite new car parks with truck parking spaces, and the number of secured parking spaces falls far below requirements.

Due to the time-consuming, nerve-wracking search for a parking space, the driver risks exceeding his driving times. A parking space reserved in advance would relieve the driver, he could enjoy his rest periods and the truck with a load would be in a restricted parking area under video surveillance.

ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH, in cooperation with Euro Rastpark GmbH & Co.KG, has developed the reservation portal TRUCK2PARK ( for premium truck parking spaces, on which dispatchers and drivers will find free parking spaces in advance at truck stops and can easily book online. The valuable driving time is not used for time-consuming search for a parking space, and the minimized parking search traffic saves around 15 tons of CO2 per parking space that can be reserved. An online booking also supports efficient tour planning, in which the topic of safety in the transport industry is becoming increasingly important: property damage, cargo and fuel theft are increasing along the highways, causing immense damage to companies and insurance companies.

"ServiceXpert is predestined as a cooperation partner for this project, because the team combines many years of experience and technical know-how in the implementation of web portals with their expertise in the electrics / electronics development for commercial vehicle manufacturers," says Johannes Witt, Managing Director of Euro Rastpark GmbH & Co.KG. The ServiceXpert team also impressed the Euro Rastpark leadership by its understanding of an overall concept of "mobility" and its "networking" of IT system development and truck vehicle electronics. To achieve maximum availability and IT security, the portal is hosted by the IT services of ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH.

The basic system of the TRUCK2PARK portal is currently being used productively in the pilot phase for the Euro Rastpark Himmelkron on the A9. During the pilot phase, the reservation process should be validated in real operation in conjunction with the premium parking. At the same time, the functions implemented for the TRUCK2PARK full system are "hardened" in order to continuously establish the portal in other car and truck stops. The opening of further Euro Rastparks, but also more car and truck stops, is in planning.

The following functions are available in the TRUCK2PARK portal:

  • Registration with displaying and changing user profile information and login
  • Create a reservation after searching a car stop or planning a route
  • Payment via PayPal / credit card
  • Displays "My Reservation" and "My Tickets"
  • Show reports (bookings per day and car stop, billing, etc.)

A free premium parking space is reserved via the portal and can be paid for using PayPal / credit card. The driver receives the entry ticket with QR code and reservation confirmation conveniently as an e-mail or directly into the mobile TRUCK2PARK app, which has been designed and developed for improved flexible use and thus for the optimization of the entire business process.

With mobile apps, the rapid development of various operating systems, such as Android, Windows, iOS and mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets to notebooks and smart TVs, requires that the portals can be made available for all operating systems and device types. For this purpose, ServiceXpert has developed the TRUCK2PARK app as a cross-platform app that can run on various operating systems and devices, regardless of the platform.

The TRUCK2PARK app provides the truck driver with a list of the QR codes assigned to him for entry into the reserved area of ​​ premium parking. As soon as the driver approaches the place with his reservation, he receives a notification (push notification) on his smartphone. In a further stage of the TRUCK2PARK app, the direct reservation process for truck drivers should also be possible.

The direct interface to the respective barrier system of the premium parking area ensures that the bookings received are continuously synchronized with the barrier and entry is possible using the transmitted QR code.

With the introduction of the reservation portal and the associated secure parking on designated and monitored premium parking spaces, a win-win situation arises for everyone involved:

  • Easy search for free premium truck parking spaces
  • Optimized tour planning
  • Reservation in just three steps
  • Quick overview and route guidance through Google Maps
  • Overview of bookings made
  • Payment with PayPal / credit card
  • Entry conveniently with QR code
  • Limited parking area with only one entry and exit
  • all people and vehicle movements are documented in the well-illuminated parking area by video-surveillance
  • Local contact person
  • 24/7 parking, all year round
  • Food vouchers for truck drivers
  • Fees up to 80 percent reimbursable through BAG funding program De-minimis 2018

ServiceXpert designs, implements and operates modular, web-based information portals for commercial vehicle customers. Via the parking reservation portal TRUCK2PARK, which ServiceXpert implements for the Euro Rastpark Group, freight forwarders and truck drivers can easily reserve secure truck parking spaces at truck stops and thus make optimal use of legal driving times. The driver can relax and enjoy his rest periods without having to worry about securing his truck. The reservation portal TRUCK2PARK started at the Himmelkron truck stop and is continuously being established at other truck stops.

ServiceXpert, an ESG-Group company, employs over 85 staff in Hamburg and Munich. ServiceXpert is a Europe-wide operating system and software house with a focused service portfolio for Lifecycle management of EE information for leading manufacturers of commercial vehicle and their supplier industry.

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