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ServiceXpert expands the market focus

The ESG subsidiary offers its specialised service portfolio also to automotive customers and suppliers in the future

Munich, 21.02. 2011

Until now the ServiceXpert Gesellschaft für Service-Informationssysteme mbH, a company of the ESG group, currently adressed its core business to customers from the market segments commercial vehicles, forklift trucks, agricultural technology and construction machinery. With a focused service portfolio for the lifecycle management of EE information, the system and software house became established as a competent and reliable partner for leading commercial vehicle producers.

With its profound know-how and their technical competence regarding to processes, technologies, methods, standards and systems of the vehicle diagnostics (onboard and offboard), the colleagues of the ServiceXpert Diagnostics Centre DiC not only support their automotive and commercial vehicle customers, but also act as a Center of Competence within the ESG group. In the last few years also service elements in the area of the development of vehicle electronics were built up at the ServiceXpert. There especially belong to new E/E services e. g. for the model- based functional development (concepts, tools, implementation) and simulation as well as the ability to build up and operate testing automation.

Automotive customers and suppliers who are especially interested in this specialised tender are served by the ServiceXpert within the bounds of the performance chains of the ESG group since 1 January 2011.

Besides the business segments “Commercial Vehicles on-road” (trucks and trailers) and “Commercial Vehicles non-road” (forklift trucks, construction machinery and agricultural technology) as the previous ServcieXpert market segments, the further business segment “Automotive and Suppliers” was added. “Together with the ESG management we decided at the end of the last year to establish the business with automotive customers who have a high provident need concentrated on testing automation and diagnostics at the ServiceXpert. Thereby our focus is on further customers in Germany and European countries where no ESG branch office is established” said Ferdinand Stocker, CEO of the ServiceXpert in Munich. “While the automotive department of the ESG GmbH pursues a complex system add-on on current customers the ServiceXpert team with its focussed service portfolio will specifically serve the requirements of new automotive customers and suppliers. So the existing synergies in the ESG group will be utilized optimally and the complete service portfolio of the ESG group is available to all automotive customers.” Ferdinand Stocker further said.

On numerous projects concerning commercial vehicles the Servicexpert used its prevailing domain know how and expanded its competence on EE system and functional development. For model-based software development the company has the necessary tools and the required know how to specify and execute the testing of developed software solutions as well as to analyse and to evaluate the results. At the integration and testing area the ServiceXpert team has specialized in testing automation and simulation and carries on testing platforms for its customers.

Mr Jörg Klauck is responsible for the business segment “Automotive and Suppliers”, he is working for the ESG automotive department since 1996. “I am looking forward to the new challenges at ServiceXpert. With it’s service portfolio and the structures that are in line with the market conditions the company is able to act flexible and well-directed. They could have already demonstrated this in the first months.” To use the proximity to the customer well-directed the company, based in Hamburg, opened a further regional office besides the branch office in Munich: 1 February, the Regional Office West in Cologne started its work. There Mrs Bettina Böhnlein will be responsible; she has many years of experience concerning the automotive department. “We already could win some new customers. In addition we can expect interesting projects.” Jörg Klauck said. To be faithful to the new clientele the company plans the establishment of additional offices as well as the employing of extra staff.

ServiceXpert, a company of the ESG group, employs over 85 staff in Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. ServiceXpert is an Europe-wide operating system and software house, having a focused service portfolio for the lifecycle management of EE information for leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles on-road and non-road, as well as the automotive and supplier industry.

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