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Web-based developer diagnostics for UDS control units

06.11. 2019

Development-oriented vehicle diagnostics (in short: EE diagnostics) is characterized by the direct use of diagnostic services (according to UDS). EE diagnostics is required in all development phases, from the development of the control unit to the intensive vehicle test. This is in contrast to the service-oriented vehicle diagnostics, in which the focus is on modelled, guided test sequences and diagnoses. There are different requirements for user guidance for EE diagnostics, which in combination with web-based and cooperative diagnostics enable new usage scenarios. The focus is on the provision of cost-effective EE diagnostic solutions for small series manufacturers, such as startups in the electric vehicle sector.

Today there are already extensive software and hardware diagnostic solutions on the market. However, these are usually not web-based or primarily designed for remote diagnostics. Instead, the focus is often on the abstraction of details in order to offer the user ease of use. In contrast to this approach, there are also tools that enable as many developer-related functionalities as possible, such as the investigation of individual data bytes in ECU communication.

Comparing different existing diagnostic solutions has shown the strengths and weaknesses with regard to development-oriented vehicle diagnostics. There are already programs with a wide range of functions, particularly in the field of telegram-based diagnostics based on diagnostic standards such as UDS and KWP2000. The support of various transport protocols and the import of standardized diagnostic descriptions (ODX) are "state-of-the-art". On the other hand, web-based or remote diagnostic technologies are not yet widely used in the considered solutions.

Based on the DiaMon diagnostic system developed by ServiceXpert, a prototype was successfully implemented that meets the identified requirements for EE diagnostics. With the integrated remote, cooperative diagnostic functionality, this solution sets itself apart from other products on the market and therefore represents an extremely interesting alternative to extensive but cost-intensive systems, especially for smaller companies such as small series manufacturers or startups.

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