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Strategies and concepts for on-board and off-board & remote diagnostics

The leading automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers have declared diagnostics to be a primary function of their vehicle components. This means that diagnostics, which tended to be added
to control units "as an afterthought" during development in the past years, has become a strategic capability of car manufacturers and a gauge of quality for the mastery of the manufacturing and life cycle processes of a vehicle.

With ODX (Open Diagnostic Data Exchange) and OTX (Open Test Sequence Exchange) two new standards for diagnostics information exchange offer new possibilities and challenges. In order to conform to the EU standard Euro 5/VI requirements and to provide repair and maintenance information to independent workshops without restrictions, modern standards and web-based diagnostic systems are required.

The ServiceXpert's Diagnostics Centre DiC is a pool of experience gained during more than 20 years from numerous projects with leading car and commercial vehicle manufacturers in everything related to the diagnostics process.

Consultancy is an important element in our range of services. It is the basic part of our service portfolio and covers the specific processes as well as the implemented technologies and tools in each case.

Here, the approach is always comprehensive and orientated to the processes of the customer. The overarching themes safety & security are a major part of the consulting services.

Our task is to advise and support you in improving your diagnostics processes and implementing new diagnostic solutions.

As a transfer agent of the ESG Group for the area of commercial vehicles, we can draw on tried and tested technologies, methods and solutions from the automobile industry and adapt these to your market-specific requirements.

We use state of the art procedures

  • to analyse and evaluate your actual situation,
  • to develop solution concepts and specifications and
  • to implement diagnostic solutions in your company

Use our know-how to adapt a generic all-round diagnostics process to your specific conditions.


Diagnostics-Centre DiC




EuroWBD - Web based diagnostics

Functional safety

Optimization of testing rund by OTX

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