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IT system development

Due to innovations, automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers (on-road, non-road) are experiencing a steady increase in product complexity and customer-driven diversity of variants. The flip side of the coin is the requirement to design the service processes as efficiently as possible worldwide and with the highest quality, in order to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

The aim is to provide the best support for customers by offering the optimum service and to guarantee high vehicle availability by scheduling workshop times and by reducing the repair and service times. This increase in efficiency and service cost reduction reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) significantly.

However, this can only be guaranteed by efficient processes and systems that create and provide exactly the right vehicle-specific information required for each product, such as working methods, labour times, diagnostics information, schematic diagrams, spare parts and software configuartions comprehensively and in detail, in the required languages, without redundancies, and make them available worldwide on the same day. Furthermore the static product information will be combined with dynamic condition data (telematic) and workshop information (time scheduling and capability planning) in modern after-sales portals.

We provide our customers the following services and intelligent after-sales portals:


  • System and software development
  • System integration and testing
  • System implementation/rollout

Modular after-sales portals:

  • Module: Diagnostics
  • Module: Technical documentation and interactive schematic diagrams
  • Module: Labour times / R&M jobs
  • Module: Parts and tool information
  • Module: R&M contract management
  • Module: Fleet management

The ServiceXpert Diagnostics Centre (DiC) carries out need analyses for integrated after-sales systems (portals, Euro-RMI) and develops consistent system concepts.


Intelligent After-Sales information portals

Vehicle specific schematic viewer

After-Sales service to go - Web services

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